Event archive

2018, December

Sunset over lake Noorderplassen

2018, November

De Groene Kathedraal in autumn
Almere castle autumn sunset by drone
Autumn in Amsterdam
Autumn colours at Vaartsluis
Sunset at Almere-Boven

2018, October

Groene Kathedraal from my drone
Autumn sunset by drone
October in Amsterdam
Autumn colours near Noorderplassen
Autumn colours from my drone
Drone photos of Almere

2018, September

Bussumerheide from my drone
Beautiful early autumn day
Sunset at lake Leeghwaterplas
Oostvaardersdiep and glasshouses
Windmill near Weesp

2018, August

Almere from my drone
Bunschoten-Spakenburg by drone
Afternoon in Amsterdam
Sunset at De Groene Kathedraal
Drone sunset over Gooimeer
Oostvaardersdiep during sunset
Almere Castle on a cloudy day
Sunset over Gooimeer by drone

2018, July

Lake Gooimeer during sunset
Flying my drone over lake Gooimeer
Tulip island near Zeewolde
Lake Weerwater during sunset
Sunset over Gooimeer by drone
Weekend in Schoorl
Kasteel Nederhorst from my drone
Almere Castle during sunset
Fields of crops

2018, June

Boats, glasshouses & more
Windmill and boats
Sunset over Almere city centre
Cycling through Almere

2018, May

Sunset at Muiderslot
Cycling around Almere
Weesp, Muiderslot and Huizen
Windmill near Weesp
Knardijk and Gooimeer
Sunset over Almere Pampus
Muiderslot by Drone
Kasteel Almere
Stoomgemaal Arkemheen
Naarden-Vesting by drone
Noorderplassen by Drone
Sunset over Gooimeer by drone
Final tulips of the year?
De Groene Kathedraal

2018, April

Evening architecture
Muiderslot by Drone
Tulip fields by drone near Almere
Sunsets in Almere
Flower fields from the air
Foggy sunset
Kasteel Almere and sunset

2018, March

Dronin' around
Sunset over Almere Centrum train station
Winter 2018

2014, March


2014, January

Small walk through Amersfoort

2007, December

Real winter?

2007, November

Winter is coming

2007, October

Autumn has arrived

2007, September

More summer?

2007, July

Dutch summer

2007, June

Backyard macro

2007, May

Spring is here

2007, April

Getting to know my camera

2007, March

Early spring
End of winter 2007

2004, May

Spring 2004

2002, November

Coloured sky