70km bicycle ride

Added: Sunday February 1, 2009

70km bicycle ride

Sunday February 1, 2009

Yesterday I went for a bicycle ride wih my brother and father, and a ride it was! There was a hard wind, which makes cycling over a flat land like Holland quite a challenge. No wonder we only arrived home when it was dark for over an hour already. The temperate was about 0 degrees Celcius, but it felt much colder.

I didn't make that much pictures, not only because of the cold. There was some nice scenery, but not enough to click on the button more than I did. I did take more pictures of the old steam pumping station near Nijkerk. Also we found a spot where a lot of ice had floated to.

Stoomgemaal Hertog ReijnoutStoomgemaal Hertog ReijnoutIce lakeIce lake