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Autumn trees in AmsterdamColourful ivy in AmsterdamAmsterdam autumn coloursPrinsengracht in autumnJan Vinckbrug in AmsterdamAlmere Castle after sunsetAlmere-Boven during sunsetSunset autumn picture of lake GooimeerLake Gooimeer from my drone during sunsetLake Gooimeer during sunsetAutumn sunset of lake GooimeerAutumn colours from my droneAutumn sunset from my droneBench on Almere-Boven during sunsetAutumn trees from my droneAutumn trees and Almere-BovenAutumn trees during sunsetAutumn top-down from my droneAutumn trees from my droneAlmere-Boven during sunset in autumnAutumn colours in the trees, as seen from my droneAlmere-Boven top-down2018_11_03__16_30_14_0066_HDR.jpgAlmere-Boven during sunsetColoured trees near Almere-Boven