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Sunset at Almere castle, as seen from my droneSunset from my drone at Almere CastleTop-down drone picture of Almere CastleAlmere Castle from my drone during sunsetTop-down drone picture of a small lockEvening drone picture of Almere CastleDrone sunset at Almere castleSunset above Almere from my droneAlmere Castle from aboveDrone sunset at Almere castleAlmere Duin from my droneMuiderzand marina from my droneDrone sunset over Muiderzand marinaApartments from my droneDrone top-down of the boats in Muiderzand marinaDrone top-down of Muiderzand marinaMuiderzand marina from the skyCold sunset from my droneDrone panorama at AlmeerderstrandWalking dog during sunsetSunset drone view over lake IJmeerSunset drone view over lake IJmeerSunset picture of Muiderzand marinaAlmere-Duin from my droneDrone picture from Almere Duin