The journey is starting

Added: Wednesday July 30, 2008

The journey is starting

Wednesday July 30, 2008

After walking around with an idea in my head for months, I finally made the decision to start the journey of changing my website. Actually two journeys start at this moment: tomorrow I also leave Holland for a week, I'll be visiting Israel. During my holiday I will be taking a lot of pictures and I hope I'll have time to keep this website updated during my stay in Israel.

Yesterday I took quite some pictures of the first flower on my orchid. After a year without flowers it finally started producing new flowers. When I tried adding it to the old website I noticed something was wrong after earlier problems (caused by myself). This was the moment for me to decide to change the website. In the meanwhile I will leave the old website online without updating it. I haven't done anything to the theme of the new site yet, but it will change.

Ofcourse this orchid is an opportunity for pictures. I will take more pictures when I get back and the orchid has grown more flowers.