I bought a Canon 7D!

Added: Sunday March 21, 2010

I bought a Canon 7D!

Sunday March 21, 2010

Two weeks ago I couldn't resist any longer... I bought a Canon 7D! Being able to use the same creative methods as with normal dSLR photography certainly appealed to me as my camcorder just didn't gave me enough control. I won't quit making photos, but I certainly will be experimenting with video too. Other reasons why I bought this camera are: ability to use higher ISO-numbers without increasing noise to an unacceptable level, Live view, a much larger and more detailed LCD, ability to control an off-camera flash and the amount of AF-points.

Because the weather wasn't too good the past two weeks, I tested the camera mostly inside. Video is still something I need to learn a lt more about as I already stumbled upon many things I couldn't explain until I read about it online. Picture-wise the camera ofcourse isn't that different from my trusty old 400D. As these tests were taken from a tripod I didn't really need to test the higher ISO-ranges, but I did so with video.

Long story short, I love this camera!

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