I bought a Nokia N85!

Added: Thursday February 12, 2009

I bought a Nokia N85!

Thursday February 12, 2009

After several years of loyal service my old Nokia 6230i finally died last week. Although it was a sad moment for such a great phone, it also was an opportunity to buy a new one.

I looked around and decided it was either going to be the LG Renoir or the Nokia N85. I decided for the latter and so far I'm certainly not disappointed! This really is a small computer with a lot of possibilities. I did find some bad things though: firstly the slider is of a very low quality with a lot of wiggle, it doesn't really bother me as long as it doesn't break, luckily I read that many people had the same problem, but I never saw someone say it actually broke. Another weak point is the Symbian OS, which gives you a hard time installing applicaties as it only allows signed applications, making loads of freeware applications unusable.

Some less annoying things: the navi-wheel just doesn't work, luckily it can be turned off. And the last bad remark: the telephone will be dirty by only looking at it; the shiny surface just shows every little bit of dust or grease.

Enough of the bad, now the goods: first of all the many, many settings, everything seems to be customizable to taste. I also like the idea of always carrying a camera with me for quick pictures, hey I can't drag my dSLR everywhere when I carry a backpack with a laptop and books! Another thing I like is the GPS-function, I'm sure it will come in handy while cycling, just need to find a way to use it for geotagging too. What I like the most about this phone is its excellent battery life, three days of playing with every single function the phone had to offer (inclusing listening to music, surfing the internet and using the GPS) was not enough to let it beg for some fresh power!

Still not convinced? What I also like is the standard plug for earphones, making it possible to use any kind of earphone you like without having to use the brand specific one which only fits your model phone. The screen automatically changing orientation while holding the phone differently is another function I love (although it could be more responsive if you ask me).

Wait I nearly forgot the extra buttons on this dual slide phone! Although they're not that useful when having the music program open on the phone, they're great to skip a song while doing something completely different while having the music player running in the background!

Well, I can just keep going on, but I just wanted to say I really like my new phone!

My new Nokia N85My new Nokia N85