Added: Monday August 23, 2010


Monday August 23, 2010

I have hardly taken any pictures this summer. There, I said it! I don't know why as I did quite a few bicycle trips. I just couldn't be bothered to stop and grab my camera I guess. Perhaps I didn't see any interesting subjects or I was too tired of cycling, it just didn't happen.

Today it is raining and there's a lot of wind; no weather to go outside. I accidently found a dead fly which seemed to be more or less in one piece. I decided to try to take some macro pictures. What a surprise it was when I saw in what a bad shape the fly was... ofcourse, it could be expected as the fly was dead afterall. Quite some specs and strings of dust had gathered on the fly. This picture was the only one where it looked more or less ok. Since I had my camera set up together with some extra light, I tried to find another subject. I found a small flower and took a picture of it too. I looked around some more but couldn't find any more dead insects.

FlyMacro flowers