Added: Friday January 1, 2010


Friday January 1, 2010

Last week we went for a short roadtrip to Lelystad and Enkhuizen. We spent a few hours driving, stopping, taking pictures and driving on. The weather was nice, but chilly. Surprisingly although it was not freezing, there was still quite some ice. After taking some pictures of the sunset near Enkhuizen we called it a day and returned home.

In Lelystad the sky was almost completely blue, but soon some clouds were packing together in the other direction. Because of the slight fog over the water the view in the direction of Enkhuizen was surreal. Enkhuizen which can be seen from Lelystad in the distance could not be seen at all. In fact, even the horizon was invisble because of the fog. At the end we also took some pictures of the nearing sunset near Enkhuizen at some icy waters.

GeeseBataviaNozema towerIce and fogIce and bokehIce on the rocksNozema tower and BataviaSunset at EnkhuizenSunset at EnkhuizenSunset at Enkhuizen