Playing with water

Added: Monday April 5, 2010

Playing with water

Monday April 5, 2010

In the passover weekend bad weather was predicted, but the sun would also be visible some time. My brother and I decided to do some photography indoors. In the end the rain never showed, but at least we had a fair amount of nice pictures.

We took a wineglass and poored some water in it. Next, we started dropping a dive in the water, creating a splash. With my Canon 7D, with 8 frames per second it was quite easy to get some nice splashes. Next, we started throwing colored liquids in the water. We tried milk, olive oil, orange juice, soap and... balsamic vinegar. This turned out to be the best looking liquid in water.

One thing I do have to remember is to rotate the camera back to landscape view when making a video. Yes, I have to learn it the hard way...

Playing with waterPlaying with waterPlaying with waterPlaying with waterPlaying with water