Sunset at Oostvaardersdijk

Added: Monday May 4, 2009

Sunset at Oostvaardersdijk

Monday May 4, 2009

My brother and I planned on going to the Oostvaardersdijk during a sunset to take some pictures a long time ago. Finally we went a couple of weeks ago. Although the day had been very nice, the evening was very cold. On the Oostvaardersdijk the wind was so hard that we were hardly able to take pictures which are not blurry, even from a tripod!

When we got out of the car I felt like last summer during sunsets in Israel. However, as soon as I was outside I realised the hard reality was I was in Holland on a very windy Oostvaardersijk. Luckily I managed to take some nice pictures.

Sunset at OostvaardersdijkSunset at OostvaardersdijkSunset at OostvaardersdijkSunset at Oostvaardersdijk