Drone sunset at Almeerderstrand

Added: Saturday January 19, 2019

Drone sunset at Almeerderstrand

Saturday January 19, 2019

After a few droneless weeks it was time for a flight at Almeerderstrand on a very cold day.

Sunset drone view over lake IJmeerAlmere Duin from my droneDrone picture from Almere DuinAlmere-Duin from my droneSunset picture of Muiderzand marinaSunset drone view over lake IJmeerSunset drone view over lake IJmeerWalking dog during sunsetDrone panorama at AlmeerderstrandCold sunset from my droneMuiderzand marina from the skyDrone top-down of Muiderzand marinaDrone top-down of the boats in Muiderzand marinaApartments from my droneDrone sunset over Muiderzand marinaMuiderzand marina from my droneAlmere Duin from my drone