A weekend on Terschelling

Added: Wednesday July 7, 2010

First day on Terschelling

Wednesday July 7, 2010

Last week I went to Terschelling for a family weekend. We had a lot of luck with the weather. It was beautiful, sunny and nearly cloudless the first day. Ofcourse I took a lot of pictures from various subjects. Because of the clear sky ofcourse I tried to include as many blue as possible in my pictures.

We arrived around noon and went for a walk over the beach of West-Terschelling. It was quite warm and sunny, so I ended up with a sunburn, which is a great feeling as it usually stands for the beginning of summer! I took quite a few pictures. In the evening we went for another walk along the marina. The pictures I took there where lit by a warm evening sun, giving everything a nice orange look.

TerschellingLonely cloudSeashoreTerschellingLooking upSeagullSeagullFighting for foodFighting for food

Second and third day on Terschelling

Wednesday July 7, 2010

During my second and third day on Terschelling I took less pictures, mainly because we were on the bicycle most of the time. On the few stops we made I did try to find some nice subjects. This days were a little less weatherwise. The temperature was lower and there were more clouds.

During another beach walk in the afternoon I took some pictures of the boats which were parked on the beach during high tide. This ofcourse is a cheap way of avoiding payment of the marina. It also gave me an opportunity to take some nice pictures.

Deserted beachDunesBoat on the beachBoat on the beachEndless dunes