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Top-down drone picture of De Groene KathedraalCamping terrain at NoorderplassenAutumn colours in young treesDe Groene Kathedraal top-downDe Groene Kathedraal from my droneNew camping from my droneTop-down abstract from my droneAbstract Noorderplassen picture from my droneAutumn trees near Almere BovenSpiral pattern of Almere BovenDrone picture of a road leading to...Sheet piling tetris from my droneSand paths from my droneTop-down drone picture of an almost empty parking lotTop-down drone picture of garden materialGarbage trucks from my droneNeatly organised piles from my droneGlasshouses as far as the eye can see.Drone picture of a glasshouseEndless rows of glass from my droneAbstract glasshouses drone pictureGlasshouse patterns from my droneGlasshouse with sun flares by droneGlasshouses from the airAbstract drone picture of glasshouses