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Kromslootpark from the airHighway junction next to KromslootparkKromslootpark from the airDrone panorama of Almere-HavenZandhazenbrug during sunsetGooimeerdijk from my droneHighway A6 from my droneTop-down drone picture of autumn treesAutumn beach from my droneCamping terrain at NoorderplassenAutumn colours from my droneRows of autumn coloured trees from my droneAutumn top-down from my droneAutumn trees from my droneAutumn trees from my droneSome autumn trees from the skyBridge over a river, as seen from my droneTree surrounded junction from the airAutumn trees everywhereAlmere Boven from my droneAutumn trees near Almere BovenSpiral pattern of Almere BovenTrees from aboveAutumn trees from my droneDrone picture of a road leading to...