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Typical Dutch landscape during sunset2019_02_23__17_29_17_0171_HDR.jpgMeermolen de Onrust from my drone during sunsetStart fort Naarden-vesting from my droneStar fort Naarden-Vesting from my droneDrone picture of Naarden-Vesting on a winter dayNaarden-Vesting from my droneNaarden-Vesting from aboveNaarden-Vesting from aboveDrone picture of Naarden-VestingNaarden-Vesting from aboveNoorderplassen neighbourhood in AlmereNoorderplassen neighbourhood in AlmereKruidenwijk from my droneAlmere-Haven and Gooimeer from my droneEmpty Huizen marina from my droneSailing boat on lake Gooimeer in FebruaryAlmere Castle from my drone after sunsetVery orange sunset from my droneOrange sky after sunsetAlmere Castle right after sunsetAlmere Castle from my drone at sunset Sunset reflections in the waterOrange sunset at Almere CastleDrone sunset at Almere Castle