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Colourful ivy in AmsterdamAlmere Castle after sunsetSunset at Scheepvaartmuseum, AmsterdamLooking up in AmsterdamMarina Muiderzand from my droneDrone picture near marina MuiderzandAlmere Castle ruin from my droneAlmere Castle from my drone on a beautiful dayDrone overview picture of Almere castleAlmere Castle from my drone on a nice dayDrone picture of Almere castleArchitecture in Almere city centre, from my droneDrone picture of KAF in AlmereDrone panorama of Almere city centreArchitecture in Almere by droneAlmere city centre by drone on a nice dayArchitecture from my droneAlmere city centre by drone next to lake Weerwater Architecture from my drone near lake WeerwaterHigh rise of Almere during sunsetDrone panorama of Waterwijk in AlmereDrone picture of Hanny Schaftpark in AlmereAlmere city centre and Waterwijk from my droneDrone picture from Leeghwaterplas in AlmereWaterwijk in Almere from my drone